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About Us

Recoman Group is one of the most prominent players of office furniture for over three decades. With our own full advanced manufacturing facilities in China, we produce various international famous brand products for global buyers on OEM basis.

Established in 2003 in Hong Kong and for over 20 years, Recoman has been recognized in the Hong Kong and Macau market as a professional supplier of office furniture and commercial settings.  Our clients span across many industries, including the Hong Kong SAR government offices as well as renowned organizations and companies.  


Recoman understand the market demand and follow closely market trend through its innovative design and modern production technologies.  With a specialization in seating solutions, we cater our offerings to meet customers’ configuration needs for offices, public areas or professional usages.  Clients have entrusted us due to not only our diverse product portfolio, but also our knowledge and experience to consult on the most optimal solution as well as our quality assurance.  


Our boutique setup enables us to truly commit to every client we work with.  From the point of inquiry and consultation to project execution, and after sales services, you will find Recoman to be your trusted partner delivering superb service and exceptional product durability.

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